Family Mediation Will Bring a Peaceful Resolution Quickly


As a Certified Family Mediator, I am a trained and experienced neutral facilitator, who helps the parties explore the problem, focus on the important issues, find new options for resolution, and arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Mediation is the one place where you are in charge of the outcome. The rules of the courtroom do not apply, so open conversations can be had with the other party without an attorney “objecting.” And, nothing that is discussed in mediation is admissible in court unless an agreement is made.

My ultimate goal is to do everything necessary to assist the parties to actively participate in the process to reach agreement.

In serving this end, I may take on any or all of the following roles:

I may assist in contacting the other party to arrange for an introductory meeting.

I educate the parties about the mediation process, other conflict resolution alternatives, issues that are typically addressed, options and principles that may be considered, research, court standards, etc.

Communication Facilitator
I seek to ensure that each party is fully heard in the mediation process.

When necessary, I can help by rephrasing or reframing communications so that they are better understood and received.

Questioner and Clarifier
I probe issues and confirm understandings to ensure that the participants and I have a full understanding of the issues and agreements.

Reality Checker
I may exercise my own discretion to play devil’s advocate with one or both parties as to the practicality of solutions they are considering, or the extent to which certain options are consistent with participants’ stated goals, interests and positive intentions.

I serve as a stimulant for the parties to reach agreement by offering options for consideration, offering new perspectives and reference points for consideration.

Responsible Detail Person
I manage and keep track of all necessary information, write up the parties’ agreement, and may assist the parties to implement it.

What are the advantages of Mediation?

1. Mediation provides an opportunity to talk with someone who is impartial.
2. The issues in your dispute are not decided by someone else (self-determination).
3. What you say in mediation is confidential.
4. The mediator can help you overcome obstacles to communication with the other person or party in your dispute.
5. Mediation agreements are enforceable.
6. A mediated agreement allows you and the other person or party to reach flexible solutions to your dispute.
7. Mediation is neither a trial, nor an Arbitration.
8. Mediation can save time and legal costs.
9. You know what you have agreed to in mediation, instead of gambling with what the judge or jury may decide, if you go to court.
10. Mediation is an opportunity to gain a greater understanding about why the dispute arose.

(reference: https://www.flcourts.org/Resources-Services/Alternative-Dispute-Resolution)

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