Nice to Meet You, I’m Danica Joan.

My life took a fateful turn in 2001 when, after having five wonderful sons, I summoned all of my strength and ended my isolating, abusive marriage. I wanted to transform a predictable, dysfunctional future for myself and my sons, by establishing stability for them, and a peaceful, co-parenting relationship with my husband. I did not foresee the tumultuous, five year custody battle my kids and I would become entrenched in. I endured arrest, relentless child abuse allegations, going on welfare, rejection from my children, and being ostracized by my community. However, I never lost sight of what was at stake, which was my commitment to a restored relationship with my children.

When I was small, I fully expected to be President of the United States, Even as a child, I felt a pull to make a difference for a hurting planet. While I did not become president, as an adult, having survived the trauma and tumult of my own marriage stronger and wiser, my education and experiences led me to realize that my purpose was to help others who found themselves in a similar situation.

I now have an understanding of, and empathy for, the way family dynamics can be created by both the personalities of all involved, and the power and impact of circumstances. I think that helping families through crises is a very important job, and my education and training reflect the path I’ve taken to become an expert in helping families navigate conflicted custody matters to arrive at workable solutions for the whole family.

My Professional Background

  • M.ED – American InterContinental University
  • Certified Family Mediator, Florida Supreme Court – license #35953 F
  • Guardian Ad Litem – Approved in Florida
  • Author, Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course
  • Parenting Coordinator
  • Divorce and Child Custody Coach

Areas of Expertise:

  • Divorce (Pre/Post Dissolution)
  • Parenting Plans
  • Relationship Dynamics
  • Child Custody Disputes (Parental Alienation)
  • Family Mediation (Certified in Florida)
  • Anger Management Specialist (NAMA)
  • Domestic Violence Specialist (NAMA)
  • Founder of Kids Need Both, Inc
  • Member: Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
  • Member: National Anger Management Association
  • Member: Parental Alienation Study Group
  • Former Collegiate Instructor: Southwest Florida College
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