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Today’s choices can have a lifelong impact on our children. It is unfortunate that those choices must be made years before we see the results they produce. It is my wish that this course helps you find peace and certainty as you co-create a new future for your family.

I am proud to say that I created the Family Stabilization Parent Education Course, offered live from our Central Florida classrooms, and via Webinar in ALL U.S. states and territories.

This Certified Course is mandated by State and Local Governments for all parents who are uncoupling (divorce or not), it instructs them in what they will face relating to court actions, custody, care, visitation, and equal support of a child or children. It is the only course that includes a Parenting Plan that the participants fill out as a guide for their co-parenting agreements.

The A Happy Child Co-Parenting Curriculum” is geared toward supporting parents to shift into a relationship where each parent is 100% responsible for the finances and environment they provide for their child. Thus, the term ‘co-parenting’.

In this four hour course, participants will acquire an understanding of the impact their choices might have upon their families and extended community. As they recognize the effects of their choices, they and their family will experience improved outcomes in their relationships to each other, and of the whole family dynamic. Additionally, neither parent will suffer financial devastation, as they might if they battled custody out in court.

We are not partnered with any special interest groups or attorneys, which allows us to be fair and unbiased. Our certified instructors have a minimum of a Bachelors degree, and are approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families to provide the Parent Education and Family Stabilization course.

Even if you live in a Florida county that allows you to complete this course online, we highly recommend that you consider the in-person option. Our classes are small and designed to be personalized to meet your individual needs and concerns. And, no matter what classroom you attend, your Certificate is accepted in all Florida counties.

Our curriculum is accepted in all Florida counties and reciprocally approved in 42 States: Check to See If Your County/Parish is Approved.


At the completion of course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the stages of grief and how they relate to divorce/separation.
  • Learn techniques to enhance effective communication as a co-parent.
  • Identify standard terms used in family law.
  • Describe healthy ways co-parents can stay connected with their child.
  • Identify mistakes to avoid when communicating with the other parent and their child(ren) about the other parent.
  • Identify forms of domestic violence.
  • Generate the content of a parenting plan.
  • Avoid litigation and reduce attorney fees
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Live, in-person classes are currently being offered in Lakeland, FL. Inquire at 888.310.6630.

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