Governor Rick Scott

With continuing dedication for the outcomes of children, Danica Joan has served as a Guardian ad Litem to many of Florida's children for over 4 years.

Family Stabilization/Parent Education

Curriculum Approved

Danica has been teaching co-parenting programs for years however it seemed nothing really measured up to meet the needs of families going through significant conflict. In an effort to improve the outcomes of parents and children going through the transition from intact home to healthy co-parenting dynamics, in 2015 Danica decided to write a course that she felt would make a difference for families going through divorce or separation. This course is now approved in 42 states and is offered as Live In-person, Live Webinar, and Self-directed Online.

Florida Supreme Court Certified

Family Mediator

Always seeking to be the voice of agreement and workability, Danica became a certified Family Mediator in 2017.

National Anger Management Association

Certified Domestic Violence Specialist &

Certified Anger Management Specialist

Danica understands that contentious relationships can include domestic violence or anger management concerns.