I GUIDE YOU by providing the tools and support to broaden your perspective and open your mind, hence enabling you to reach your goals.

I EMPOWER YOU to realize your own self-worth and self-belief that has, for one reason or another, diminished.

I IMPROVE YOUR ability to let go from where you are to where they want to be, in effect reaching your goal.

My Practice Areas are primarily in:

  • DIVORCE (Pre/Post Dissolution)
  • FAMILY MEDIATION (Certified in Florida)



This is designed in a 30 minute format. The goal is to listen to your concern and to determine if my coaching is right for you. Schedule Discovery Call

HOURLY – $125

These sessions are for individuals who have completed longer session packages and need a checkup. I am available to support your path to maintain a healthy and empowered life.

MONTHLY (8 sessions) – $800

This session package is for someone who has a momentary breakdown in their life that needs help getting back on track.

6 MONTHS (48 sessions) – $4500

When going through divorce and/or child custody, it is important to have an advocate on your side. This session package is designed to walk you through this circumstance every step of the way with freedom and ease.

I also offer 30 minute sessions to meet your schedule:
  • MONTHLY (8 half-hour sessions) – $450
  • 6 MONTHS (48 half-hour sessions) – $2500

Coaching: What to Expect

  • The first coaching session will look to gain an overall perspective of your life, before identifying which area you seek to improve or are currently unhappy with.
  • We (coach and client) will agree goals that during sessions will be broken down into more achievable objectives.
  • It is then down to you to go away with the techniques they have been taught and work on what has been agreed.